The song that shaped RnR
The “King” lives, let’s rock!
When Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” was first released in 1957, no one imagined that it would play such a major role in shaping a global and timeless culture, Rock’n’Roll culture: “One of the 500 most important songs of all time”, according to Rolling Stone magazine, and a legendary appearance of the “King” on screen, set the ground for the growth of RnR culture.
Since then, RnR has been enriched with different styles and artists from Elvis to Lemmy, the Beatles and Kurt Cobain, still, rock music and rock philosophy remains one. Music, motorbikes, travels, tattoos, freedom without compromises. This lifestyle has inspired Jailhouse and the people behind it.
Jailhouse, Booze and RnR
The authentic RnR hangout of Heraklion

Housed in a historical building with a history of more than 1100 years, Jailhouse started writing its own history in Heraklion in 2008.

The stone-made arcade was once part of the Arab-Byzantine fortification walls of the city, used as a barracks in the Venetian period, and today it became a meeting place for RnR lovers and a way of life, creating a new culture in Heraklion with RnR in all its manifestations as its center.

At Jailhouse we love Rock’n’Roll, Blues, Funk, Rhythm and Blues; in other words, we love good music without boundaries. Every week you can join our theme parties, live performances and other events. As "Booze House" we make sure our wine cellar is updated and we serve more than 45 beer labels, focusing on craft beers from Greece and abroad, whiskey and bourbon, quality rum, classic cocktails and Jailhouse Signature Cocktails for beginners. Jailhouse Booze House is not just a bar: it's a big family that embraces employees, owners and our loyal customers!
some booze with rock n' roll

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