The song that shaped RnR
The “King” lives, let’s rock!
When Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” was first released in 1957, no one imagined that it would play such a major role in shaping a global and timeless culture, Rock’n’Roll culture: “One of the 500 most important songs of all time”, according to Rolling Stone magazine, and a legendary appearance of the “King” on screen, set the ground for the growth of RnR culture.
Since then, RnR has been enriched with different styles and artists from Elvis to Lemmy, the Beatles and Kurt Cobain, still, rock music and rock philosophy remains one. Music, motorbikes, travels, tattoos, freedom without compromises. This lifestyle has inspired Jailhouse and the people behind it.
The Studio
Art and free expression
A tattoo studio with RnR philosophy

Jailhouse Tattoo Studio first opened in 2017 to give “flesh and blood” to a key aspect of RnR: tattoo culture. Manos Skarakis started his career in tattoo art in 2011 in Thessaloniki, Heraklion and London, with the circle closing again in Heraklion on Chortatson Street, just a few steps away from JH Booze House.

The artists of Jailhouse Tattoo Studio are certified by the Health Service of London, focusing on hygiene, safety, and a professional artistic result. Our studio has the latest technology in equipment and high quality inks. We also offer body-piercing services, always with special care for your health and safety.
Τhe Art
Your body, our canvas
Creating stories on skin

Tattoo art boasts a history of many thousands of years. It is a primordial form of art expression that underwent many changes and faced prejudice in the western world until we reached the point when tattoos became commonly accepted and popular. From ancient rituals to the bodies of sailors, prison inmates and members of the Yakuza, to Victorian lounges and rock legends, tattoos have a special place in history.

As proud successors of this ancient art at Jailhouse Tattoo Studio, we specialize in portraits, realistic tattoos, old school tattoos, mandala, tribal, maori etc. We create custom designs according to your ideas, because each tattoo must be as unique as the body that hosts it. The tattoo artists of JH Tattoo Studio participate in tattoo festivals around the world, and they are well informed about new trends, constantly evolving their art. At the same time, we often host guest artists from Greece and abroad, enriching our services with new ideas and tattoo aesthetics.

On road
We blog, you stay tuned
JH Shop
Body art and RnR style
Jewelry, body piercing and handmade creations

Body art without the right accessories is boring: Visit the online store of Jailhouse to find body-piercing jewelry for every type (nose, eyebrow, lip etc.), as well as plugs, tunnels, bars, septum and more, in a variety of designs. You will also find handmade jewelry by local artists and other creations and memorabilia.