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Tattoo art boasts a history of many thousands of years. It is a primordial form of art expression that underwent many changes and faced prejudice in the western world until we reached the point when tattoos became commonly accepted and popular. From ancient rituals to the bodies of sailors, prison inmates and members of the Yakuza, to Victorian lounges and rock legends, tattoos have a special place in history.

As proud successors of this ancient art at Jailhouse Tattoo Studio, we specialize in portraits, realistic tattoos, old school tattoos, mandala, tribal, maori etc. We create custom designs according to your ideas, because each tattoo must be as unique as the body that hosts it. The tattoo artists of JH Tattoo Studio participate in tattoo festivals around the world, and they are well informed about new trends, constantly evolving their art. At the same time, we often host guest artists from Greece and abroad, enriching our services with new ideas and tattoo aesthetics.